Members of the organisation HOME (Holistic Outlook on the Migration Emergency) attended, in the public gallery, the monthly meeting of Mayo County Council earlier this week.

In a statement to Midwest News HOME says it condemns councillors “for their lack of discussion around the influx of migrants into the county and their refusal to engage in any meaningful way with concerned citizens of local communities”.

HOME says it attended Monday’s meeting of the authority following the recent special meeting of the authority on the topic that was cancelled, in order to hear an amended motion relating to migration being discussed. However, the meeting ended after four hours and the motion, which dealt with the cost involved in the resettlement of refugees and asylum seekers, was adjourned until the June meeting.

As a non-political group of Mayo residents advocating for a more measured and holistic approach to immigration, we are deeply concerned about the lack of consultation and democratic engagement with our local government regarding critical issues that affect local people. The current immigration policies have led to spiralling housing costs, worsening homelessness and a significant burden on our already over stretched vital public services. There are also concerns that social cohesion will decline as it has in other EU member states.

Due to the continued refusal of government and opposition parties to address ongoing concerns, HOME will host a public debate on the Migration Emergency and are seeking participants willing to represent the pro mass migration side of the discussion. HOME delegates recently met with MEPs in Brussels who are also critical of the EU and UN mass immigration policy, and their research has identified numerous methods to deal with the crisis in ways that would benefit the migrants and indigenous citizens in a more holistic and sustainable way. Mass immigration advocates considering taking part in the debate can contact us on Facebook (HomeEire) or email… This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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