The recent RZLT Residential Zoned Land Tax could cause Mayo farmers to face costs of between €50,000 and €80,000 which is simply not feasible.

That’s according to Councillor Tom Connolly, who is requesting that the local council reject the tax.

This is a new annual tax that will be calculated at 3% of the market value of land that is considered to be “in scope”, including land zoned for residential development and land that could be connected to services.

Minister for Finance Michael McGrath has said that the RZLT will aim to “prompt residential development” by landowners of land that is zoned for “residential or mixed use purposes and that is serviced.”

In addition to this, the minister has stated that any land that is actively used for farming and is considered integral to the use of adjoining lands for farming is excluded from the tax.

Councillor Connolly told Midwest News that he has received numerous complaints from local farmers in Mayo who do not agree with this latest tax proposal.

He has been giving more information to Midwest Radio’s Rian Bailey:


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