There are 2,922 Ukrainian refugees along with 650 seeking international protection in State-provided accommodation in County Mayo.

That’s according to March’s figures in this morning’s Irish Times.

Around 52,600 Ukrainian refugees and a further 20,000 of those seeking international protection are in State-provided accommodation across the country.

This shows that Ukrainian refugees currently account for just over 1% of the Irish population.

Combining both statistics, Dublin has the highest number with 14,872.

There are 4,223 in Galway, 1,902 in Sligo, and 699 in Roscommon.

Sinn Féín TD, and Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee Brian Stanley said that Ireland is ‘playing our part’ in providing aid to those seeking protection but the burden must be spread.

From January’s European figures, Ireland’s Ukrainian refugee population stood at 1.4%, close to the 2.5%  of Poland and 4% of the Czech Republic.

However, other countries have very low levels with Belgium and the Netherlands both on 0.5% and France on 0.1%.


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