Cabinet will sign-off on its response to a Sinn Fein motion to extend the evictions ban this morning.

The three party leaders met last night and it's believed broad agreement had been reached on a counter motion due to be tabled in the Dail later.

The Sinn Fein motion states that Ireland "remains in the midst of a housing emergency" and will call for the eviction ban to be extended until January 2024.

The motion adds that by choosing to end the eviction ban on 31 March, the government has "increased the stress and insecurity experienced by the 750,000 people, including working families, living in private rented accommodation".

Last night it was agreed that the final details of the counter motion by the coalition leaders would be completed in advance of the cabinet meeting.

Further work would continuing on the details of measures to assist the rental sector and helping to prevent homelessness.

On Sunday the Labour Party said it would put down a motion of no confidence in the government before the end of the month if it did not reverse its decision.

The Regional Independents set out eight key demands last night in return for their support in a motion of no confidence vote in the Government.


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