Lough Derg RNLI came to rescue of 40 people over the weekend, after their boat became stranded on the lake in Co Galway.

With the help of Killaloe Coast Guard, the volunteer lifeboat crew came to the assistance of the 40-foot vessel, which ran aground on rocks close to Bonaveen Point near Portumna on Saturday afternoon.

No injuries were reported , and all 40 passengers and the boat were brought back safely to shore.

On arrival at the scene, RNLI volunteers found that the vessel had run aground on a rock shoal. The lifeboat crew checked that everyone on board was safe and carried out an assessment of the scene.

It was decided that an effort would be made to tow the vessel off the rocks. However, before this could be attempted, a number of passengers had to be transferred to the Coast Guard boat to take some weight off the stranded vessel.

Six people were taken on board the Coast Guard rescue boat and brought ashore. The six were then transported by Coast Guard land teams to Terryglass where they were collected and brought to Portumna by road.



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