The Mayo based cinematographer of the Oscar winning film An Irish Goodbye, overnight celebrated with his family and friends in Foxford as the results of the 95th Academy Awards were announced from Hollywood.

Multi-award winning cinematographer Narayan Van Maele lives Foxford.

The Luxembourg native moved to the area with his parents twenty years ago and Midwest News had spoken to Narayan a few weeks ago after the Northern Ireland based film secured a BAFTA award.

An Irish Goodbye won Best Live Action Short Film, as Irish Cinema picked up two Oscar's overnight, with Dubliner Richard Baneham winning his second Visial Effects Oscar for his work on Avatar.

James Martin, one of the main actors in an Irish Goodbye celebrated his 31st birthday yesterday and the audience of A-List actors in LA rose up in a chorus of 'Happy Birthday to you...'. when he and the cast and crew were on stage to accept their golden statue.

Narayan Van Maele is not resting on his laurels, rather he was on the road again this morning heading for Dublin for a new project, however, he took the time to talk to Midwest News.

Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley congratulated him on the Oscar success…




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