Ten gardai were called to the Court of Appeal today to forcibly remove Enoch Burke and several of his family members from the courtroom.

It happened as the president of the Court of Appeal was in the middle of dismissing his challenge to orders of the High Court, requiring him to stay away from his former school.


Chaotic scenes broke out before the Court of Appeal this afternoon while Mr Justice George Birmingham was delivering a ruling in relation to Enoch's challenge to a number of court orders.

The orders, made separately by two judges last August and September, had the effect of restraining him from attending at Wilson's Hospital School, pending the outcome of a disciplinary hearing.

As soon as it became clear that he was going to lose his appeal, Enoch's sister, Ammi, took to her feet and refused to sit down despite repeated requests to do so.

Their mother, Martina, then took to her feet waving the Irish Constitution at the judges and accusing them of 'bowing before the altar of transgenderism.'

The guards were called amid further interruptions and in the end, ten officers were needed to forcibly remove Enoch, his brothers Isaac and Simeon, his sister, Ammi, and their parents.

One person was arrested following the incident.


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