The latest provisional crime statistics have revealed murders were up 76 per cent last year when compared to 2021.

While attempted murders were down 31 per cent in the same period.

Sexual Offences overall show increases of 4 per cent for the year, with reported Rape increasing by 2 per cent when compared to 2021

Gardai point out that the figures In particular  periods of lockdown such as the 'Level 5' restrictions in late December 2020 - May  2021 had a large impact on many types of crime.

There has been a continued increase in domestic abuse with nearly 54,000  Abuse Incidents attended to by An Garda Síochána during 2022 compared to just under 50,000 in 2021.

Sexual offences have been increasing since early 2015 and although having plateaued in 2020, the upward trend resumed in 2021.

Gardai say the increase in sexual offences figures may relate to a change in reporting behaviour along with ongoing efforts in  improvement of data quality and recording which may be a contributing factor to the upward trend.

Crimes Against the Person plateaued in 2020, following a gradual rise over the preceding three years. Reported crimes against the person were 14% higher while theft from the Person remains was up 111 in 2022.


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