Following a meeting of the regional health forum west yesterday, Tuam area councillor and HSE forum member Donagh Killilea has announced some significant changes to health services for the people of Tuam and north Galway areas.


The new 50 bedroom community hospital is due for completion this month, will not only home the 17 or so residents of Aras Mhuire nursing home, it will also be used as a step down facility to cater for bed space in GUH.


Cllr. Killilea says there has not been a functioning hospital in Tuam since the Bon Secure order closed its doors in 2001, the news this development is welcome and badly needed to keep patients that do not need acute care in their communities close to their families with convalescent facilities serving the Co Galway, Mayo and Roscommon areas.


The addition of 44 medical staff brings the total workforce of medical personal to be based at the unit to 70.


He has been giving more details to Midwest News.


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