A new director is stepping in to run the 56-year-old Castlebar International Walking Festival.

Rowena Gillespie, who has been associated with the festival for 37 years, takes over the mantle from Elaine Devereaux who has been in the hot seat for close to three decades.

Rowena, an employee of Penneys in Castlebar, plans to put her personal stamp on the walks, which this year take place from June 29 to July 2.

The festival has gone from strength to strength over the decades.

Rowena says a large number of foreign entries for this year’s walks have already registered.But says it’s her intention to focus on getting as many locals as possible back walking, which was a major part of the initial walks.

For the four days in June/July the headquarters will be at the Ivy Tower where the 1967 walks first began.


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