Enoch Burke faces a 700 euro fine after he failed to leave school property and purge his contempt of court order this afternoon.

The dismissed teacher has continuously showed up at Wilson's Hospital School in Co Westmeath this week, despite being dropped from his role there.


His failure to leave and purge his contempt before this time, means Mr.Burke will now be subjected to a 700 euro fine.

The decision was made yesterday by Mr Justice Brian O'Moore who said it had to be done because it was clear he doesn't accept the validity of the order to stay away from Wilson's Hospital School.

For every day Mr.Burke decides to ignore the court's orders he'll be subjected to the 700 euro fine, which could cost Enoch Burke 5 grand a week.

Today, his father drove him to Wilson's Hospital School at around quarter-to-9, and he still remains on the property this afternoon.

This case will be reviewed at a hearing on the 10th of February.


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