Doubling fines for certain driving offences will do little to improve road safety.

That's according to a research paper by the Road Safety Authority, which was seen by the Department of Transport before it increased motoring fines last year.

In August the Department of Transport received a paper from the Road Safety Authority.

The research, which was seen by the Irish Independent, found less than half of drivers believed doubling fines would have a positive impact on their behaviour on the roads.

Despite this research, fines for 16 motoring offences doubled last October.

Kerry TD Michael Healy-Rae says he believes upping the fees was never about road safety.

The research also stated there was a perception among drivers that they were unlikely to get caught engaging in traffic offences and that more policing is needed.

The paper also said consideration should be given to graduated speeding penalties, where points and fines would be based on how far above the speed limit drivers were travelling.




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