Catholic bishops are concerned that schools will not be able to remain true to their ethos after the removal of the so-called "baptism barrier."

The requirement of having a baptism cert to get into a Catholic primary school was lifted in 2019.

In 2018, legislation was introduced  to remove the baptism-barrier, which allowed Catholic primary schools to use religion as a selection criterion.

From September 2019, parents no longer needed to supply a baptism cert to get their child into a Catholic primary school.

Today, Catholic bishops are worried about the ability to cater for parents who want to enroll their children in Catholic schools.

Alan Hynes - CEO of the Catholic Education Partnership, is looking for assurances that children of the faith can get into Catholic schools, if they want to do so.

Michael Nugent - Chairperson of Atheist Ireland , wants the State to intervene to ensure equal treatment for all school-going children.

Almost nine in 10 primary schools are under Catholic patronage in Ireland.

But with less people identifying as Catholic in recent years, and an increase in other faiths, there's an argument that the primary school set-up, does not reflect the greater pluralism in Irish society.



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