A Ballina councillor is calling for a review of the speed limits on the N26, Foxford road approaching the town.

Independent councillor Seamus Weir raised his concerns with Transport Infrustrucure Ireland (TII) recently, outlining that at present, as you approach Ballina the speed limit remains at 100km/h for a considerable stretch, and then drops to 60km.

Firstly, he says with the amount of junctions and businesses on the approach to the town, the speed limit of 100km is too fast for traffic merging on and off the road.

In addition, there is a primary school located just off the N26, a National Primary route, and there are issues regarding the safety of staff, students and parents accessing and exiting the school onto the N26 road.

Councillor Weir told Midwest Radio's Alannah Nolan that a safety review needs to be carried out on this stretch of road as a matter of urgency...


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