The Westport area is now recognised by government as an area that qualifies for inclusion in The Local Authority Affordable Purchase Scheme.

The green light for a 13 house affordable scheme for the Westport area has been given by the Minister for Housing Darragh O’Brien.

It follows considerable pressure from local elected councillors that the area should qualify for the scheme, because of the high cost of property in the Westport area.

The Scheme helps people on low to moderate incomes buy homes at reduced prices. New homes under this scheme are located in areas with the greatest housing need and where affordability is an issue.

The local authority takes a percentage stake in the home that covers the reduction in price. So, if the buyer purchases the home at a 20% discount the local authority will have a 20% stake in that home.

The buyer can buy back the local authority’s stake at any time, but doesn’t have to. The scheme is generally aimed at first-time buyers.

Local Independent councillor Christy Hyland says the inclusion of Westport in the scheme is very welcome, but admits that 13 is a small number of homes in light of local demand.

He’s been speaking to Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley....


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