Irish Water failed to provide Mayo County Council with an estimate of cost to install a cold water shower at the swimming area at the Quay in Westport, five months after the request was submitted.

That’s according to Westport based councillor Peter Flynn.

The councillor says he finds the lack of a response to a simple question frustrating and disheartening.

The swimming area at the Quay in Westport is a popular location both for locals and tourists, and a basic facility like a cold water shower, the councillor argues, should be a straightforward development.

He had set aside a portion of 2022 GMA (General Municipal Allocation) funding for the development this year, but with no response on the cost, at the last minute, rather than lose the funding he allocated it to Westport Tidy Towns at this week’s meeting of Westport/ Belmullet Municiapl District.

Afterwards the councillor spoke to Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley about why he was glad to add additional funding to Westport Tidy Towns, but angered at Irish Water’s indifference to a straightforward request…


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