Public Sector workers have been told they have to remove electrical appliances from their offices by next week.

A circular has been issued to public sector staff in an effort to save energy, under the government's 'Reduce Your Use' campaign.

Public sector workers who enjoy a cuppa from their own personal kettle will no longer be able to do so after next week.

A memo has asked workers to get rid of 'non-work related appliances', such as fan heaters, kettles and sandwich makers from offices by next Friday, in a bid to save energy.

But Labour's Public Expenditure Spokesperson, Ged Nash, says the actual office buildings should to be upgraded to improve their energy efficiency, instead of asking staff to make sacrifices.

Chief operating Officer, with HR and Workplace specialists Peninsula Ireland, Moira Grassick, says employees should speak directly to their employer if they require any items like fans or fridges.

The Irish Daily Mirror, reports public sector staff have been informed any appliances remaining in offices after next Friday the 25th of November - will be removed by the Services Division


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