Heineken need to enter talks with publicans and introduce a staggered approach to price increases rather than a major jump in prices at once.

That's according to Cathal Sheridan of Sheridan's Bar and Restaurant in Milltown.

Cathal took to their social media pages this week to inform people he will be suspending the sale of Heineken products until something to done to address the major price hikes.

Many other businesses in the Galway area have done the same, such as The Abbey Bar in Tuam and McHugh's Bar and Restaurant in Castlegar.

Earlier this week, Heineken announced a price hike on their kegs which is equal to around 17 cent per pint, which will see a publican now have to pass that price on to its customers.

Meanwhile Diageo, the main supplier of Guinness, have said they will not be increasing their prices this year.

Cathal Sheridan of Sheridan's Bar and Restaurant told Midwest Radio's Alannah Nolan that while they are not against a price rise, it needs to be done at a more staggered approach....


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