Several instances of 'substantial shortcomings' were discovered in a new report into the cancellation of thousands of 999 calls by Gardaí.

The Policing Authority paper discovered several inconsistencies within the four regional control rooms, which led to the 'potential for serious harm to victims' who were calling the emergency number.


To create this report Derek Penman and his team listened to a sample of 210 cancelled calls that were made to 999 service line between 2019 and 20.

They found 'several instances of substantial shortcomings in call handlings'

However, the report found that 'though there was the potential for serious harm to victims due to these shortcomings, no actual harm was identified' from this particular sample.

It does say that instances where the caller didn't identify themselves, there's no way to determine whether they experienced serious harm after hanging up the phone.

The team pointed to inconsistencies in different control rooms and very few checks by supervisors.

It said in some cases, it found the call receiver failed to accurately record the information of the person on the line, which led to Gardaí being dispatched to the wrong location and unable to recontact the caller.

The report says the issues in the system are 'indicative of a chronic lack of investment' in the services.




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