Some of the truck and bus drivers operating through the town of Crossmolina have contacted Midwest Radio News today to say they are 100% in favour of the installation of a pedestrian crossing on the town’s Main Street.

Yesterday, on Midwest Radio News, local councillor Michael Loftus called on Mayo County Council for the sake of road safety for children to complete the pedestrian crossing that has been stalled for two weeks now, because of opposition by truck and bus drivers to its design.

The truck and bus drivers explained that their issue is with the proposal to bring the kerbing 1.5m out onto the path of passing traffic. They claim it will leave a situation where two trucks/ buses cannot pass by each other.

They say, anyone who has driven a truck / bus in this location will know you can’t turn a truck/ bus onto the Bridge from Chapel St in Crossmolina without going onto the path of oncoming traffic.

They conclude that the proposed pedestrian cross as it stands "contradicts common sense road safety".


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