A man who made a major contribution to the economic and social life of Ballina in the 19th century deserves to be remembered with a plaque or sculpture in his honour, ahead of next year’s 300th celebrations in the town. That’s the view of Ballina Municipal District councillors who raised the matter at the September meeting of the authority.

Independent councillor Seamus Weir’s motion calling on the authority to honour Arthur Muffeny was unanimously supported by all councillors present.

Arthur was a philanthropist who built almost half of the north Mayo town in the 19th century. He was a businessman and a major employer. He built Land League Avenue for the homeless and houses in other locations for his employees.

Arthur Muffeny was President of the Ballina branch of the Land League. He spent two years in jail for denouncing landlordism.

Councillor Weir has been telling Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley how he had been contacted by a relative of the late Arthur Muffeny and a local committee in Ballina, keen to see the man remembered in the town…





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