Families look set to benefit from a raft of measures in tomorrow's Budget.

The Irish Independent reports free schoolbooks will be provided to primary school pupils next year.

Negotiations on the 14 billion euro Budget and cost of living package continued into the earlier hours of this morning.

For the first time ever, parents will no longer have to pay for school books.

From next September, all primary school children will get textbooks for free, while class sizes are also set to be reduced.

A doubling of the child benefit payment in November, and a 600 euro energy credit payment are among the other measures that'll aid families in tomorrow's budget.

It's expected childcare costs will also be reduced, however the details of this are not yet known.

For college students, annual fees of 3 thousand euro will be cut by 500.

The point in which people pay 40 per cent income tax will rise from 36 thousand 800 to around 40 thousand.

While social welfare payments are likely to increase by between 10 and 12 euros a week.

The details of Budget 2023 were being finalised until the early hours of this morning, and will be announced tomorrow.


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