The Rural Independent TDs are set to move a Dail motion this morning aimed at delivering Energy Security in Ireland.

The independents say its completely unsustainable for the government's energy policy position to continue claiming it barricades the country into a position of being the most energy import-dependent country in Europe.

Speaking this morning ahead of the debate  the leader of the Group Deputy Mattie Mc Grath, stated Ireland's reliance on imported energy is entirely self-inflicted by a government captured by activist Green Party views, fully supported by Fianna Fail and Fine Gael, and endangering our independence, energy, and national security.

He described it as one-dimensional thinking leaving Ireland extremely vulnerable and pushing up the cost of everything.

Today's motion follows a similar motion tabled in June. On that occasion, the government  voted it down.

Deputy Mc Grath said the government's blinkered policy means Ireland currently imports 100 percent of our oil needs and over 70 percent of our gas needs, with gas imports rising.

As a result, he added the cost of energy in Ireland  is much higher than it should be  with no guarantee that the lights will stay on this winter or in subsequent winters.


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