More than 336,000 people in Ireland could potentially have been affected by long-Covid, according to new research.

No official figures exist in Ireland for how many people have suffered after-effects of Covid-19, but Roscommon Galway TD Denis Naughten says if results from a recent study in The Lancet and data from blood donors were applied here it could mean as many as 336,451 people have been left with a legacy of symptoms – including fatigue and brain fog.

Based on Mr Naughten’s analysis, 18,245 people have suffered from long-Covid in Galway; the figure is 8,229 in Mayo; 4,487 in Rosocmmon; 4,204 in Sligo and 2,075 in Leitrim.

He says the time has come to treat long-Covid with the same urgency as the initial virus.

Last week, The Lancet reported a Dutch study that suggested as many as one in eight people who catch the virus can develop long-Covid symptoms.

It found that common long-Covid symptoms include chest pain, breathing difficulties, muscle pain, loss of taste and smell and general fatigue.


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