Green Party TD's Neasa Hourigan and Patrick Costello have had the party whip removed and have been suspended for six months.

The parliamentary party agreed to the proposal last night, after the TD's voted against the government in the Dail.

They backed a non-binding Sinn Fein motion calling for the National Maternity Hospital to be built on public land - it passed after government TDs abstained.

The decision to suspend the two TDs means the government majority in the Dail has now been reduced to one.

Green Party chairperson, Galway Senator Pauline O'Reilly, says it was a necessary step..

As a result of the action, the Coalition’s numbers in the Dáil have been stripped back to a bare majority of 80 as a result.

While the reduced majority represents a significant blow for the Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael, Green Party administration, Independent TDs often vote with the Government to bolsters the numbers.

The motion, which the Government abstained on, called for the new National Maternity Hospital to be built on land owned by the State.



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