Almost 40,000 salvaged and written-off vehicles have been imported into the Republic of Ireland from the UK, according to a new report from

It estimates that the market value of those vehicles in Co Mayo alone is over €7 million, and over €318 million across the country.

An RTE Primetime programme earlier this week shows the serious safety concerns and financial liability associated with buying such vehicles.

Zombie vehicles - which are brought back to life but not correctly identified as insurance write-offs or ex-salvage - leave traders or owners to foot the bill when the car's true history is discovered.

The number of vehicles imported from the UK into the Republic remains high despite Brexit, with over 83,000 vehicles imported last year, and 457,000 over the past 4 years.

Motorcheck-ie says they now know that some 40,000 Zombie cars have been imported, and with used car prices rising significantly here, the company says it's more important than ever that car dealers and private buyers are made aware of a vehicle's hidden history before purchasing a potentially dangerous ex-write off.

Irish motorists can check for free is their car is one of the identified vehicles, by visiting and clicking the red banner at the top of the site, to check any registration.


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