New rules around close contacts and testing come into effect today.

Among the changes, people who've had a booster and don't have symptoms no longer need to self-isolate.

These new recommendations mean asymptomatic close contacts who've been boosted no longer need to stay at home, but instead are asked to take regular antigen tests and wear medical grade face masks when out in public, for 10 days.

Close contacts who have not received a booster vaccine will have to restrict their movements for seven days - while those who contract Covid 19 will now have to isolate for seven, rather than 10 days.

Also from today people who test positive on an antigen test can upload their result and list their close contacts through the HSE's website.

The HSE says in order to ensure misuse is limited, anyone wishing to obtain a recovery cert will need to get a PCR test or professionally administered antigen test.




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