A new empirical evidence-based report on Irish post-primary students’ knowledge of algebra identifies strengths and weaknesses in their knowledge of the subject and proposes recommendations to address the weaknesses.

The report finds that students have good knowledge of equality, proportional reasoning, patterns, and comparing and ordering numbers, but that they are struggling with key skills such as fractions, decimal numbers, order of operations, and indices.

555 pupils from 29 classes (including their teachers) in 19 post-primary school around Ireland took part in the study over one school year, prior to COVID-19.

The report, “A profile of Irish second year post-primary students’ knowledge of initial algebra”, by GMIT Engineering Mathematics lecturer Dr Aoife O’Brien and UCC lecturer Dr Máire Ní Ríordáin, is based on Dr O’Brien’s doctoral thesis.

It is available on: https://research.thea.ie/handle/20.500.12065/3867






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