The Irish Community Air Ambulance was tasked 512 times across 14 counties last year - making it the busiest year since the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service air ambulance launched in 2019.

The organisation is Ireland's only charity-funded HEMS air ambulance, and works in partnership with the National Ambulance Service to respond to serious injuries and medical emergencies from its base in Co Cork.

Cardiac arrests accounted for one in 5 call-outs last year, while the community air ambulance also responded to 89 road collisions, 64 farming accidents and 20 equestrian incidents and 48 falls from height, as well as general trauma and medical calls.

Mayo and Galway were among 14 counties which the air ambulance was tasked to last year, with one in three call-outs requiring an airlift to hospital.

The organisation also funds a fleet of Rapid Response Vehicles on the ground in counties like Mayo, Donegal and Dublin, and these vehicles are staffed by Volunteer Critical Care Doctors and community-based GPs.

Micheál Sheridan, CEO of the Irish Community Air Ambulance, says 2021 was their busiest year so far....


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