The Emergency Department at Mayo University Hospital is extremely busy today. The situation has been exacerbated by the rising Covid-19 cases in the community along with a Covid-19 outbreak on the site.


The hospital teams are working to manage the current in- patient and Covid-19 bed capacity however, there are a high number of patients waiting to be admitted to the hospital and the Emergency Department (ED) is extremely busy.


We are asking the public not to attend at our ED unless they require urgent treatment and to contact Westdoc GP Out of Hours service on 0818 360000 in the first instance if their health problem is not urgent. In addition, the Injury Unit in Roscommon University Hospital is open from 8am to 8pm every day to treat a range of injuries in both adults and children over five years of age. The unit can be reached on 090 663 2212


For people with signs of a heart attack, stroke or other serious medical emergency, please come to the ED or call 999 or 112.


We are committed to treating everyone who presents to our ED however we do so strictly in order of medical priority. Given the volume of patients attending the Emergency Department, we regret there  will be delays and long wait times for those who do not need urgent treatment.


Please help our staff to focus on our patients who need us most.


As part of the hospital’s COVID-19 measures, we ask that patients wait in the ED alone to help maintain social distancing. A companion will only be permitted in exceptional circumstances. This is to minimise the risk of infection and to keep everyone safe. We remind patients to please wear a face covering/mask when in the ED and to comply with any COVID-19 screening processes

Meanwhile, due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases in the community and a current outbreak within the hospital, visiting at Mayo University Hospitals is limited to compassionate grounds from tomorrow January 01, 2022.


Visits are by appointment only and hospital staff will confirm appointments and times with the nominated support person/visitor.


The nominated support person/visitor must complete a COVID-19 screening checklist and follow the public health guidance, including wearing a FFP2 surgical face mask and performing good hand hygiene regularly whilst visiting.


In line with national guidance on visiting, the nominated support person/visitor will be asked to produce their EU Digital COVID Certificate or HSE COVID-19 Vaccination Record or other proof of immunity at the Hospital Entrance.


There are separate arrangements in place for access to the maternity department for nominated support partners. Visiting to the maternity department for nominated support partners will be facilitated once a day for a 1 hour period between 5pm and 8pm. Partners can continue to attend for all deliveries, inductions, scans and emergency presentations.


The visiting restriction will remain in place for one week and the situation will be monitored continually in the meantime.


The rising Covid-19 cases in the community along with a Covid-19 outbreak at Mayo University Hospital is having a significant impact on services. In light of this, MUH is postponing a number of elective procedures in order to redeploy staff to support essential emergency care.


Patients are being contacted directly if their procedure is being postponed.


All routine inpatient surgeries scheduled for next week have been postponed.  Time sensitive, urgent cases will proceed when it is safe to do them and patients will be contacted if they are to attend. The situation is being kept under constant review.


Out-patient services are proceeding. Ambulatory gynaecology, some endoscopy and other non-theatre day cases are proceeding but remain under review. Patients should confirm that their case is proceeding on the day before it is scheduled using the contact details provided on their appointment notification.




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