Members of the public can now book a booster vaccination appointment at a small number of clinics through an online self-scheduler on

This technology is similar to the scheduling system currently used to book PCR tests.

Breaffy House Resort Vaccination Centre is the first in this region deploying the self-scheduling technology, with more coming on stream in the coming days and weeks.

People can book an appointment at any clinic if travelling over the holidays, so they can book a clinic convenient to them.

The HSE will to continue to operate a combination of clinics, as we move through the booster COVID-19 programme.

They will still have walk-in clinics and scheduled appointment clinics, in addition to these new self-scheduled clinics.

It is hoped this new option will facilitate people in availing of the booster dose as soon as possible, to better protect themselves and their families and communities from serious illness caused by COVID-19.


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