Sinn Féin is bringing a cross-party motion before the Dáil this evening, calling for the recent redress scheme for Mother and Baby Home survivors to be changed.
Mayo Sinn Fein deputy Rose Conway Walsh says it’s time to respect Mother and Baby Homes survivors and their families.
She claims the party motion stands up for survivors who bravely came forward and told their stories, because they wanted to see justice.
 This motion calls on the government to change the redress scheme and  has cross-party support among the opposition.
 It calls for an urgent review of the scheme’s time-based criteria, exclusion of children who were boarded out, access to the enhanced Medical Card, proposed payment rates and an end to the unfair exclusion of some survivors and institutions. It also calls on the Government to seek immediate and substantive recourse from religious orders and pharmaceutical companies to contribute to the scheme.
Deputy Conway Walsh has been speaking to Midwest News..