Galway deputy Sean Canney has urged the Minister for the Environment Eamon Ryan to expedite legislation to provide a lawful basis for local authorities to use CCTV in detecting and prosecuting illegal dumping.

The Minister in reply to a Parliamentary Question has confirmed that legislation is being drafted presently and the pre-legislative scrutiny process is well advanced.

The deputy also received confirmation that the Bill will include the use of a broad range of Audio-Visual Recording (AVR) equipment in order to assist local authorities in their efforts to combat litter and illegal dumping.

He has urged the Minister to fast track the legislation as litter and illegal dumping are a scourge on our landscape.

The cost of cleaning up litter and illegally dumped waste is enormous, and a severe crackdown is required, the Independent deputy pointed out.

“Local Authorities have been hampered in their efforts over a number of years following a ruling by the Data Protection Commissioner”.