Eircom Limited is appealing a recent decision by Mayo County Council to refuse planning permission for the company to erect a a 15-metre telecommunications monopole, overlooking Lough Lannagh in Castlebar.

The appeal has been lodged to the planning board and a decision is expected to be reached before the end of March (2022).

An inspector will visit the site, examine the planning file and make a recommendation before the board issues its ruling.

In its ruling on the application, the council said the siting of the proposed development on an open, exposed and visually prominent site close to Lough Lannagh "would constitute a visually strident feature that would be serious injurious to the visual amenities of the area.

Furthermore, it is considered that the location of the development and consequent adverse visual impact would establish an undesirable precedent for similar future developments in the area and thus would be contrary to the proper planning and sustainable development of the area.

The proposal would, thus, injure the amenities of the area, contravene " the Castlebar Town and Environs Development Plan 2008-2014 and would interfere with the character of the landscape which it is necessary to preserve."

There were a number of objections locally to the application and a local group, Friends of Lough Lannagh, had been campaigning for the application to be refused.

A petition, signed by members of the public seeking a refusal of the application, had also been lodged to the council.