Payslip, a tech company that harmonizes global payroll operations for multinational companies, with its headquarters in Westport, is looking to increase its workforce by 75 over the next year.
Payslip has seen a surge in demand for hybrid workforces as a result of the pandemic, expanding its presence to over 60 countries.
The company is used by dozens of multinational organizations throughout various industries and customers.
Major tech corporations like Apple Ireland, Facebook, Amazon Data Services, and Google have all postponed their return to the workplace until January 2022. As a result, demand for payroll services in areas with complicated tax and laborrules has skyrocketed. When these companies do return, it will be in a hybrid form, with the need for payroll control in multiple jurisdictions serving as a competitive advantage.
To deal with the demand Payslip has grown from 29 staff in January to 75 today. The majority of these hires have been to the company’s global headquarters in Westport. Payslip is now seeking to hire another 75 over the coming year.

Chief Marketing Officer with Payslip, Aoife Flynn has been telling Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley about an exciting time for the expanding business…

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