James Geraghty from Molloy's Lifestyle Pharmacy conducted a rapid antigen test live on The Tommy Marren Show this morning. 

How to do an antigen test:

To do the antigen test you use a swab to take a sample from your nose.

The test will show the result in 15 minutes. The results are quicker than a PCR test because the sample does not need to go to a lab. But the antigen test is less accurate than the PCR test.

Children aged 13 to 16 should be supervised by a parent or guardian when they are doing an antigen test.

When you have finished with an antigen test, put it in a plastic bag and put the bag in your bin.

Positive antigen tests result

If your antigen test is positive:

The PCR test will confirm if you have COVID-19.

Watch the video on how to carry out the test below.