The High court has made an order quashing planning permission for a chicken farm in Balla, county Mayo.

According to today's Irish Times, the order was made by Mr Justice Anthony Barr after he was told that An Bord Pleanala had consented to quashing the permission it had granted in Sept 2019, for a new poultry house and ancillary facilities at Brownhall Demense, Balla, Castlebar.

The board's decision to give the poultry farm the go ahead was challenged by Michael O'Connor from Brownhall, Balla, Castlebar, who lives beside the proposed development.

The court heard yesterday that the board has also agreed to pay Mr O'Connor's legal fees.

Permission had been granted to Noel and Ann Mulhern , principals of the wholesale egg producers West-a-Wake Eggs.

The proposed chicken farm was designed to house 12,000 laying hens with access to an open range.