What is it really like living with a person with dementia? 

Have a listen to Eileen who tells Tommy Marren about her late husband’s dementia experience and how it has led her to volunteer and help other families going through a similar journey. 

Remember, we all have a role to play in dementia and as Eileen explains support from family and friends, being asked how her husband was and offers of help were of great consolation to her.

500,000 people have been affected by dementia, and people are becoming more understanding and empathetic of people with dementia.

Here are a few things that can help;

  • See the person, not the dementia,
  • Talk about dementia,
  • Ask how you can help,
  • Stay in touch,
  • Support the person to keep up hobbies and interests,
  • Make sure your service or space is easy to use.

For more information and support, call the national helpline on 1800 341 341 or visit www.understandtogether.ie.

Listen back to the full interview here.


Midwest Radio · Eileen talks about her late husband's dementia experience - The Tommy Marren Show