A Mayo Senator has welcomed the Government’s Climate Action Plan which outlines the measures to be taken in various sectors to reduce emissions for the rest of the decade.

Fianna Fail senator Lisa Chambers says the science is indisputable and the effects of climate change are already clear.

The plan sets out indicative ranges of emissions reductions for each sector of the economy. It also sets out the actions needed to deliver on our climate targets. Emissions reductions by 2030 – by sector: 


  • Electricity: 62-81% 
  • Transport: 42-50% 
  • Buildings: 44-56% 
  • Industry/Enterprise: 29-41% 
  • Agriculture: 22-30% reduction 
  • Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF): 37-58% 


Senator Chambers has been giving more details to Midwest Radio’s Michael D McAndrew.