Sligo Airport continues to be left in limbo by the Department and the Irish Coastguard, despite being the busiest Coast Guard base in the country.

That's according to Sligo Fine Gael Councillor Thomas Walsh, who's also a Director at Sligo Airport, and has hit out at what he's described as "a shocking level of disrespect shown to the airport".

Last October, the Irish Aviation Authority issued an Operational Directive to Sligo airport, mandating it to carry out upgrading works by the end of January.

The works have now been completed at a cost to the airport of some €200,000, with a further €80,000 of works under phase 2 still to be completed.

Councillor Walsh says other airports - that do not operate commercial flights -  have received State funding for upgrade of infrastructure.

He wants to see Sligo Airport receive funding for the works carried out, and operational funding going forward, to plan for the future of the airport.

Councillor Walsh has been speaking to Midwest News...