61 complaints were made about lawyers in Mayo last year, according to the Legal Services Regulatory Authority.

This is the first time the legal services watchdog has provided a county-by-county breakdown of complaints.

It shows that over 1400 complaints were made nationally last year - the majority related to solicitors with 33 complaints related to barristers.

The report shows 61 complaints received from both counties Mayo and Galway, 9 complaints from Roscommon and 18 from Sligo.

The LSRA says poor communication was at the heart of the majority of complaints.

58% of complaints related to alleged misconduct, 35% were in relation to alleged inadequate standards of legal services, while 7% were from clients who alleged they had been overcharged.

Meanwhile, the introduction of a code of conduct for the judiciary will move a step closer tomorrow, when a draft set of ethical guidelines is due to be considered by the board of the Judicial Council.



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