An Post has confirmed that the Castlebar Delivery Unit is no longer providing a service for people who wish to buy a stamp or post a parcel - they're now being directed to the main Post Office in the town instead.

While the main Post Office in Castlebar is located on Hopkins Road, in a busy shopping area of the town, it also operates the Castlebar Delivery Unit at Quarry Point in Castlebar.

Up to recently, customers could call into the delivery unit to post parcels or buy stamps.

However, Castlebar Independent Councillor Michael Kilcoyne says this is no longer the case, and the withdrawal of this service will inconvenience many people who have to find parking in the town centre to go to the main Post Office.

Midwest News contacted the An Post press office, and a spokesperson has confirmed that the Castlebar Delivery Unit is a busy location.

He explained while people could call into the centre to post parcels, that is no longer the case at this- or any other of their delivery units.

The spokesperson said the decision was taken, during the Covid pandemic, to direct these customers instead to the main post office in the town.