The number of Covid patients being treated in hospital is now 60  -the highest number in 3 weeks, and a 36% increased since this day last week.

16 of these patients are in ICU.

A breakdown of Covid-19 cases per hospital is still not available, since the cyber attack on the HSE's IT systems.

Vaccines offer a 'floodwall defence' which should slow down the conversion of delta variant cases to hospitaliations, according to the HSE.

Concerns have been raised by the Chief Medical Officer about an increase in people with COVID-19 in hospital in the last two weeks.

Meanwhile, 4.5 million vaccines will have been administered in Ireland by the end of today.

HSE CEO Paul Reid says more than 100,000 doses have been administered so far this week.

Today, the registration for an mRNA vaccine opens for 34-year-olds on the HSE portal.



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