Bank of Ireland has issued a warning to the public advising extra caution around fraudulent text messages in circulation this week.

The bank says there's been a spike in "smishing" -where fraudsters send fake text messages appearing to come from Bank of Ireland, and direct customers to fake websites imitating the Bank's websites.

Since last month, the number if new phishing websites detected by Bank of Ireland has doubled, with an unprecedented increase in activity in the last week, and up to 20 new fraudulent sites appearing per day.

The Bank is urging customers not to click on links or respond to SMS text messages, which look like they're originating from a genuine phone number.

Anyone who thinks they may have given away banking details in this way should ring the Bank of Ireland Freephone line 1800 946 764 immediately.

A Bank spokesperson says May and June have seen an alarming increase in the level of fraudulent activity - with an almost three-fold increase since last year in the number of customers being defrauded.




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