Things are pretty desperate for many publicans at present trying to get their businesses up and running, and they could do without being told now that they are not legally permitted to serve alcohol in new temporary seating areas outside their premises. That’s the view of the Chairman of the Mayo Vintners Federation of Ireland,  Alan Gielty.

Alan, who runs a pub and restaurant on Achill Island himself, says he is confident that the gardai will, as they have throughout the pandemic, use their discretion in dealing with an ever changing set of rules and regulations.

Two weeks from today, July 5th, food and drink can again be served indoors and Alan believes, in the interim, the grants from Bord Failte and support from local authorities to businesses to expand out their outdoor seating areas, need to be used.

It emerged over the weekend, that fenced off seating areas where customers can order and consume drinks that have appeared in front of many pubs and restaurants are not, according to the Gardai, covered by the alcohol licences originally issued by the District Court, meaning the sale of alcohol for consumption within them is illegal.

Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley asked Alan for his reaction and the impact  of this latest revelation on publicans...




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