Support for Sinn Fein has risen to its highest level in its history, in a new Irish Times / IPSOS MRBI opinion poll.

It shows 31% support for Sinn Fein compared to 27% for Fine Gael and 20% for Fianna Fail.

Both Sinn Fein and Fianna Fail have seen an increase in support, with a 3% drop for FG.

But approval for the Government's handling of the Covid-19 pandemic has also risen substantially in recent months, with 70% saying the Government is doing a good job - up 25% since February.

Independents are the big losers in this poll, seeing their support fall by 5%.

The poll was conducted among 1,200 people at 120 sampling points across the country earlier this week.

A regional breakdown shows that, in Connacht /Ulster, Sinn Fein are on 29% with 26% for Fine Gael and 24% for Fianna Fail.