Hundreds of people from Mayo and Donegal have descended on Dublin this lunchtime for a demonstration, calling for a 100% redress scheme for homes affected by pyrite and mica damage.

Those taking part are assembling about now outside the Convention Centre, where the Dail is sitting, and they will march from there to the Dail this afternoon to highlight their plight.

Hundreds of homes across Mayo are believed to be affected by cracking and crumbling, due to pyrite in the blocks.

While a previous pyrite compensation scheme in Dublin provided 100% redress for home owners, the scheme currently in place only provides 90%, with the home owner having to come up with the other 10% of the cost of repairing or rebuilding their home, while campaigners also say there are other costs that are not included in the scheme.

The Taoiseach says the Government will refine and improve the current scheme for homeowners affected by the pyrite controversy.

Speaking on his way into Cabinet, Micheál Martin said substantive changes will be made.

Jamie Lee Donnelly is one of the many homeowners from Mayo affected by this scandal.

Her home in Ballina has to be demolished and rebuilt, due to pyrite damage.

In the past few minutes, she spoke to Midwest News from the rally in Dublin, where crowds are now building.....