Hundreds of people from Mayo and Donegal, whose homes have been damaged by pyrite and mica, are expected to travel to Dublin today to take part in a demonstration, calling for 100% compensation for repairing and rebuilding their homes.

The Government estimates up to 6,000 homes nationally have been built with the defective concrete blocks, and predicts it will cost more than €1 billion to repair these homes, while about one-third will need to be demolished.

The current grant scheme provides for 90% compensation, but does not cover the costs of structural inspections and testing, doors, windows, stairs, kitchen cabinets, or rent while the work is being done.

Apart from the 10% homeowners are expected to pay, campaigners says the extra costs can run into tens of thousands of euro.

At yesterday's meeting of Mayo County Council, all councillors called for the Government scheme to be amended to provide 100% redress for the homeowners affected.

Barbara Clinton of the North Mayo Pyrite Group is travelling to Dublin to take part in today's demonstration, and has been telling Midwest News about the purpose of their action...