A Mayo homeowner affected by the pyrite scandal says she faces paying out up to €100,000 to repair her house.

Louise and Joe Pye discovered last year that their house in Foxford was among hundreds in Mayo and Donegal affected by pyrite and mica which cause concrete blocks to crack and crumble.

The house, which they bought after moving back from the UK almost 20 years ago,  needs to be completely knocked and rebuilt.

However, the Department of Housing's defective concrete blocks scheme only covers 90% of the repair costs, but Ms Pye says there are many other hidden costs, such as replacing doors, windows and kitchen cabinets.

A demonstration will take place in Dublin tomorrow, calling for 100% compensation from Govt for rebuild and repair costs - as a similar scheme in the east of the country provided 100% redress for people whose homes were damaged by pyrite.

Louise Pye says they're still paying a mortgage on their home in Foxford and should not have to foot the costs of the rebuild.....