Mayo Mountain Rescue team rescued two walkers who got into difficulty hiking Mweelrea Mountain on Friday afternoon.

Two walkers strayed into steep ground on their descent of the mountain.

The team was tasked with a full call out at 2:45pm.

Using the GPS on the walker’s phone, they were able to get a good fix on their location and a rescue plan was developed.

MMRT assembled at a track near Silver Strand and a first response party of five was deployed at 4.00pm with the goal of locating the missing walkers and assessing the situation.

This group had reached the approximate location and could hear shouts from the two hikers, but due to the poor visibility and steep terrain it took another two hours to reach them.

The rescue team lowered rescuers past treacherous sections of the mountain where the two walkers had descended, while another team brought equipment required for the rescue.

Ropes and a safety line were used to help the walkers climb up the steep section of the cliff with rescuers.

They did so slowly due to the danger of boulders becoming dislodged.

The walkers and rescue team were all back on safe ground by 9.30pm to begin the walk back to the Strand.

The team was stood down at 10.30pm and after a short debrief to capture any lessons that could be learned.